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Duji is still sick. She has been in bed, her nanny took the kid.


Rick Dyer admits his bigfoot body was fraud. Dieter says the government forced him to say that. Dieter also said he bought bigfoot bones for a lot of money but they turned to dust.

Athens man punches 16 year old stepdaught's boyfriends after catching them showering. He punches him in the face and chest and gets 1st and 3rd degree felonies. Rover, Dieter and Dumb says he has ever right to punch him for being in his house and protecting his daughter. Charlie says just because he was emotional does not give him an excuse to break the law.


Kyrie irving basketball event

  • Dieter dives into Kyrie and hurts him


Dieter is #23 on buzzfeed's 23 People who picked a fight with a thing and lost.


Today is the 6th year anniversary of Rover's Morning Glory moving to WMMS from CBS.

Know the ShowEdit

Question What is Dieter Trying to sell? Answer: A Big foot cast.

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