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Mayweather Pacquiao fight. Jamie Foxx did a pretty bad job singing the national anthem. Kaitlin got stood up by a dwarf. Duji bought Jeffrey's daughter a care package. Montel Williams apologizes to Amanda Berry. New wearable tracks your farts. Rover's sister's cat was eaten by a coyote. Councilman wears a microphone into a bathroom. Guy from The Walking Dead loses his mind on a subway.


Shizzy #1

  • Government of Nepal said no chance of finding anymore survives of earthquake, but they found a 101 year old in rubble. [1]
  • Baltimore residents celebrated lifting of curfew. [2]
  • Royal baby princess is here, we don't know the name yet.
  • Shirtless man in Seattle gets stuck in a basketball hoop. Police try to get him down and he tries to swing a hammer them.
  • 141st Kentucky Derby won by American Pharoah [3] 
  • Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn broke up. [4] 

Shizzy #2

  • 45 years ago today in 1970 Kent State university ohio national guard opened fire on anti-war protestors.
  • 14 years ago today Bonnie Lee Bakley was killed in Robert Blake's car.
  • 2 gunman shot and killed after they opened fire at an anti-islamic event in Garland Texas over a muhammad art exibit and contest. Gunman shot security guard and they were shot by police. ISIS claims responsibility. [5]
  • Ben Parson made it official he is running for president.
  • 25 year old filmed clinging to car roofs and jumping from car to car while high.
  • Father in Pennsylvania pleaded guilty to neglect after his daughters teeth were found rotten. Now he wants to withdraw his guilty plea. [6]
  • Megan Trainer will start the summer concert series May 22nd. [7]

Top 5 Songs in the country Edit

  1. Wiz Khalifa- See You Again
  2. Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk
  3. Fetty Wap - Trap Queen
  4. The Weekend, Earned it
  5. Maroon 5, Sugar

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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight

Rover: thinks it was a terrible boring fight. Thinks they planned it so they wouldn't get hurt. Says he wasted $100. I've seen better fights for free on HBO. Says there will be no rematch. Pissed about Mexican national anthem when the fighters weren't Mexican. The burger king and Jimmy Kimmel walking out was weird.

Dieter: Thinks there will be a rematch.

Caller: There should be more of an incentive for the winner. Right now the only incentive is for them to not get hurt because they are already paid 60/40.

Caller2: Mayweather did nothing but run around the whole fight. Pacquiao was attacking the whole time.

Caller3: says Rover is ignorant for saying Mayweather planned it. Rover says if it wasn't planned why didn't Pacquiao try for a KO in the last 2 rounds when he knew he was losing.

Jamie Foxx Anthem

Rover: Thought it was horrible, like a cat being skinned.

Duji: It wasn't that bad but it wasn't good

Dieter: Sounded like church, what the hell was the end?

Caller: What do you think of Hoppe moving to Florida?

Rob got Hoppe a job at the radio station in Tampa as a part time promotion manager. Rover is very surprised but wishes him the best of luck.

Dieter: How did he get out of his year lease?

Caller: Why did you ask for our shirt size for RMG+?

Rover: Maybe there is something that 0 day subscribers will get to put up with all the nonsense.

Kaitlin gets stood up by the dwarf Brad Williams [8]

Rover gets Jeffrey's Daughter Valrae a care basket.

50/50 chance she might need surgery.

Montel Williams apologizes to Amanda Berry for having Silvia Brown on his show.

Rover says it's a scam and he did it for ratings. He's a horrible person.

Rover's sister's (Emily) cat was eaten by a coyote.

Rover admits he collect's Jamba's whiskers and scabs and looked into cloning his cat.

Charlie is nervous to start doing the aftermath.

Charlie: couldn't sleep last night. Is afraid he will have nothing to talk about.

Rover: welcome to the last 20 years of my life. The more prepared you are the better

Kaitlin: I was feeling ok until both of them got nervous, now i'm nervous.

Anthony has a new camera in his room.

Rover Edit

Says he brushes his teeth over his toilet. B2 thinks it's gross.

Callers Edit

Gabe - Late to call in for Miss May Kara from the 2015 Miss Morning Glory Calendar

Caller signed up for RMG+ - Rover says select group of people were able to subscribe over the weekend but he turned off subscriptions. People who signed up are now a select group of Day 0 subscribers.

Tyler- JLR Parody songs are only 30 seconds. Rover says he will put up full length versions in the next day or 2. Rover says he will consider bringing back the forums for RMG+ subscribers.

Email Edit

Will there be ticket stops this year? - Rover says they weren't planning on it. He won't have the printed tickets ready in time but he will look into it.

Lifetime movie called Cleveland Abduction about Michelle Knight has horrible acting. Rover: Lifetime movies aren't known for having great acting.

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