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Was sick and did not come in. Sent Rover a text that she was feeling dizzy.


Wants to be paid by Dieter for the Battle of the Bulg bet


Is still working on getting the money for Charlies bet. Is counting on his March Madness bracket money. Can't give him a firm deadline.


Asks why Duji said he was obssed with the sales girl when the sales girl was in the room. Charlie thinks she is trying to cause problems with Rover's gf.

Rover says Duji will get rid of her nanny before Rob's mom goes home.


A caller says the first time he met Rob's GF she showed him his tattoo's on her upper thigh. His GF also told him that Rob demanded Dildo's in the bedroom.

Admitted that he is seeing someone else. He said he did not meet her through the show but met her on twitter when she asked him to help her get a job on the radio. Says she is 23. Caller says she is a brunette.

Admitted his ex gf is pregnant. She told his kid and Rob is depressed over it


Ray Rice who knocked out his GF got married to her a few months later.


Joseph Martel surprises his son during a football game by putting on the oppoents uniform.  Here

Dieter thinks the dad was wrong for doing it and the kid is a baby for crying. Callers called to argue with him.


  • Anthony and Joe Russo who directed Captain America 2
  • Sarah Shourd- Political Hostage in Iran. She was offended by question if they had sex as soon as her bf was released.

Know the ShowEdit

Question What movie did Jeffrey say he got the plot of right away?

Answer: Star Wars Prequels

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