Today's Shizzy

While on the phone with Duji, Charlie hears Gia wants to be in an eating contest. Rover tells a story of Gia showing him her poop. It was bigger than anything Rover had ever unleashed.

Dieter has lots of beer farts. 


Guy says: Ohio and Pennsivania have the most complicated taxes. 


Jeff writes: the new site is great

Lauren writes: her teeth are not messed up and sends in another hot picture for rover to rate.

Jessie writes: she loves the new Rate me Rover section.

Dave writes: are you having miss march from the calendar in the show? Rover says already was in.

Chad writes: we need new pictures on the website.

Ragiene and Michelle: loves the show and listens everyday at work Rover: thank you

Tyrell: Duji says not to judge but judges callers.

Brian: Duji owes you her life, if it weren't for you she would be homeless. Duji says: not one person has fired me.

Amir: Anthony is always talked about but we never see him. Can you bring him in the studio? Rover says: we've had him in the studio before. Wants to add a camera and microphone to Anthony in April. 

Samantha: when will the show work on the roku app? Rover says: we have someone working on it.

Sean: Dieter was already counting himself out in battle of the bulge before it even started.

Pitt Bull SentencedEdit

Judge ruled Mickey the pittbull will stay alive, but must be neutered and defanged. He has to live at an animal shelter and can't be adopted. 

Dieter: Dog was minding his own business in his own yard.

Caller: It is the kid's fault. The dog's owner should sue the kid for tresspassing.

Dumb: If a kid falls into a pool it is the homeowner's fault, it is the same with this dog.

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